Monday, August 12, 2013


i'm so sorry i haven't posted in a (rather) long while. my excuse? it's summer and i have a social life. seriously though, i've been out almost every night and when i'm not out i'm resting/reading/watching tv shows/traveling about and discovering stuff. 

i get my A level results in a few days and i should be starting uni in about 5 weeks so once i get back into a whole school schedule - although i'll probably be going out a fair bit, being a busy bee - i do intend to blog a lot more once i'm more organised hahah.. 

lots of love,


Monday, June 24, 2013

maybelline the rocket volum' express mascara

 loving this stuff so far - will let you guys know what i think the more i use it. gives you nicely curled thick lashes with minimum effort! i'm taking a rest after a long, tiring but superrr fun night with the girls and random people we met along the way! hahah woooop for summer!


Thursday, June 20, 2013


hiya lovelies!

please excuse the lack of recent posts, i finished my exams almost a week ago and got back in Nice on sunday. i had such a lovely time in London although i was a little stressed out because of exams ofc, i got to catch up with lots of old friends and family, meet some new people, see some fab exhibitions, eat some amazing food hahahah, go on nice walks around different neighbourhoods and do a spot of cheeky shopping. now that i'm back and free of any school work till september, when i start uni in the UK, i've been taking it easy. 

it's so nice to not have to worry about revision or coursework and all that doo-dah, i've been chilling in the sun a bit, watching a lot of tv shows hahah, seeing friends and working out. speaking of which, yesterday i reached my goal weight and have thus lost 13 kilos in the past 3 months. i'm really happy, proud and rightly so, but as i had intended, after reaching that goal weight, i now want to drop a further 4.5kilos and then basta. i feel really good, so clean, healthy and honestly cant go a few hours without drinking water hahah though yesterday i did have a cheat meal as i was out with my girls in Cannes and decided to have a pizza to celebrate. it was vair vair yummy so definitely worth it but today i got back on track!

here we are last night by the port in Cannes:

Francesca, Nastasia and myself (looking a little nutty and naked hahah, i was wearing a romper but jumped in the sea so i had to change into a pair of high waisted (really short) shorts and a long flowy (new) top. 

i had a great day catching up with the chicas, reunited at last! tomorrow i'll be spending the day with my friend Camilla and will hopefully going off clubbing in Cannes at night. *crossing my fingers that the entrance is free cos im living the student life a few months in advance*

i will do some more beauty/fashion posts and maybe some foodie ones for any of you ''beach bod'' summer freaks. heheh 


Friday, May 31, 2013

bourjois healthy mix love

hiya lovelies! 

i've been hearing crazy amounts of hype about the healthy mix foundation and gel serum for years now but a few weeks ago on my first trip over to london for my exams, i picked up a bottle in superdrug. this is the new edition, the ''Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation'' and if i remember correctly, it cost me £10.99 but because superdrug are having a brilliant 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics at the mo, i got a couple of MUA goodies and paid about 13 quid in total. foundation + powder + a nail polish.. not bad, indeed!

i wanted to test it over a few weeks because i was initially extremely impressed and hoped i would remain so happy with this product, i sure have! i use the lightest shade which is ''51'', it's a little on the yellow-y side but that's good for me as it counteracts my redness - english rose ftw! a little of this goes a long way with this, i only squeeze out 1/3 of a pump to cover my entire face, and neck of course.
even a small amount of product gives a lovely, clean coverage but looks oh-so natural! that's why i love this. you can also build it up, and i find that it doesnt look cake-y but i tend to prefer a lighter finish. im lucky to be blessed with good skin so i dont really get spots much but like to even out my skin tone a bit. this product is fabulous for all skin types! no wonder it's so damn popular, it really deserves to be. the only downside is that there aren't many available shades so it can be quite tricky for extremely fair, or extremely dark skin tones - hopefully bourjois will come out with some more shades in the future. i really like the new packaging, although i'd never owned a bottle before, i've seen the version many times and much prefer the glass bottle. vair, vair nice!

this amount is about 1/4 of a pump which i just used for a swatch. 

here's the product blended onto meh chubby lil hand, it may look a little yellow toned but then again, my hand isn't the exact same colour as my face and as i said earlier, the shade nicely balances out the pinkiness of my complexion.

i thoroughly recommend this product, whether you like a really thin, natural finish, or on the contrary, a built-up, fuller coverage. it's very affordable, - so incredibly worth it - available pretty much worldwide in drugstores and some department stores but also, online. 

i'm off to have a rest as i've been revising like crazy and am exhausted and also, yet again hahah, injured.. i've done something to my left foot and from what i've seen online, it could be peroneal tendonitis. uh oh :/ gotta get it checked out! i will be officially done with exams and thus high school in 2 weeks and i cannot wait! these havent exactly been the best years of my life considering what has happened but eh, i'm a very positive person and have grown very strong thanks to some of the unforunate things that have gone on. onwards and upwards! uni is going to be wonderful! :D 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

hyde park spring sunset

a few shots from an evening last week in London. i'm back in Nice right now till next week when i'm off again to sit more exams. all done in just over 2 weeks, woohoo!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

phoebs on the go

hey lovelies!

im currently in London so please excuse the lack of posts: ive been sitting exams, revising, going to exhibitions, seeing friends and family, doing some shopping, visiting the uni i'll be starting at in september - woooooohoo :D - and eating some yummy food! hahah

i recommend you guys check out my instagram account - @beautyphoebs - so you can really see what im up to as its tougher to blog when im on the go but im really looking forward to having more time on my hands when my exams are over. bring on the summer holidays!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

sparkles, biatch

yoyoyo! today for the mayphotochallenge on instagram i had to show a pic of my nails (@beautyphoebs) so i thought i'd paint dem and all (been so busy lately i havent been able to pay much attention to meh nails)! i really like the look of white nail polish (especially with a tan, faux or natural, its just gorg!) and cos i'm an avid accent nail kinda gal, i added some gold glitter to spice things up a bit. i used Ciaté's ''snow virgin'' and Essence's ''make it golden'', with a coat of MUA's clear top coat to set dem nails. 

i'm off to london again tomorrow (CANT WAIT EGIOEUGOEIGU) so hopefully these nails will hold up during our 10 day stay as i pass 3 exams, see friends and family, walk around the city, shop (hahahah) and revise for the following exam-ios. im pumped!


Friday, May 17, 2013

lusting over these babies

lusting over these babies

lusting over these babies by beautyphoebs-1 featuring disco pants

obviously not buying all these things but perhaps someday i'll own them.. hahah - consumerists ftw -this is a selection of good products and my favourite dogs EVER are chow chows. one day i'll have 4 dogs including a chow, a grey french bulldog, a chocolate labrador and a golden retriever. i love animals ok. 

i be pretty darn tired rn, had a migraine for several hours now which aint much fun but i be used to dem what with my migraine gene and all. woop woop! first proper exam in 3 days so i'm revising and taking it easy and will be back in ldn in 2 days, can't wait! being there feels so wonderfully good, my true home!


Monday, May 13, 2013

beauty goodies from london

hello beauties! 

as most of you guys know i left for London on friday morning to pass all my a level speaking tests and see Lana Del Ray (aka my wife) in concert - which was last night in Birmingham and was incrediiiiiible, cannot express how happy i am about it all but it still hasnt actually sunk in that i genuinely saw Lana live, touched her hair, own her sharpie, heard her sing for almost 2hrs etc, just perfect basically!!! - but also to catch up with some fam and friends. i got back this evening and am absolutely shattered after walking and travelling all over the place with real heavy bags and a big agenda! hahah 

though, knowing me, i managed to fit in a little shopping ofc and took advantage of the awesome offers at boots and superdrug:

i got the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 51, (the new one woop - never used it before on myself but oh my lord this foundation-ish product is phenomenal, no wonder it receives so much hype! so glad i picked this up!) a cheapo - but very good - MUA pressed powder and clear top coat nail polish (which i have yet to try), the Bourjois Volumizer mascara (on another day -which i cannot wait to try as i hear so many good things about it) and the a bourjois round pot blush in '"Rose Mandarine'', (a gorgeous matte colour - bourjois products were on offer so it was free, woohoo!) the Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lip butter (i stupidly forgot to bring a lip balm with me - so ofc my lips got very dry and chapped - although i own literally dozens of them so picked this up as i love the smell, it really is a great lip balm and smells incredible!), the Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer came with Marie Claire magazine (hopefully this wont be too dark for my brows) and i got the Benefit They're Real mascara (aka the best one on the market) mini in Glamour mag which my uncle very kindly bought me! 

 these are just a couple of bits and bobs, some chewable multivitamins from boots and a pack of Simple  Cleansing facial wipes! 

i'm off to London again this weekend for around 10 days to pass more exams and see more friends and family, i cant wait especially cos it'll be more relaxed this time as we wont be rushing all over the place and not managing to properly sit down for long! hahah 

enjoy my lovelies,