Friday, May 31, 2013

bourjois healthy mix love

hiya lovelies! 

i've been hearing crazy amounts of hype about the healthy mix foundation and gel serum for years now but a few weeks ago on my first trip over to london for my exams, i picked up a bottle in superdrug. this is the new edition, the ''Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation'' and if i remember correctly, it cost me £10.99 but because superdrug are having a brilliant 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics at the mo, i got a couple of MUA goodies and paid about 13 quid in total. foundation + powder + a nail polish.. not bad, indeed!

i wanted to test it over a few weeks because i was initially extremely impressed and hoped i would remain so happy with this product, i sure have! i use the lightest shade which is ''51'', it's a little on the yellow-y side but that's good for me as it counteracts my redness - english rose ftw! a little of this goes a long way with this, i only squeeze out 1/3 of a pump to cover my entire face, and neck of course.
even a small amount of product gives a lovely, clean coverage but looks oh-so natural! that's why i love this. you can also build it up, and i find that it doesnt look cake-y but i tend to prefer a lighter finish. im lucky to be blessed with good skin so i dont really get spots much but like to even out my skin tone a bit. this product is fabulous for all skin types! no wonder it's so damn popular, it really deserves to be. the only downside is that there aren't many available shades so it can be quite tricky for extremely fair, or extremely dark skin tones - hopefully bourjois will come out with some more shades in the future. i really like the new packaging, although i'd never owned a bottle before, i've seen the version many times and much prefer the glass bottle. vair, vair nice!

this amount is about 1/4 of a pump which i just used for a swatch. 

here's the product blended onto meh chubby lil hand, it may look a little yellow toned but then again, my hand isn't the exact same colour as my face and as i said earlier, the shade nicely balances out the pinkiness of my complexion.

i thoroughly recommend this product, whether you like a really thin, natural finish, or on the contrary, a built-up, fuller coverage. it's very affordable, - so incredibly worth it - available pretty much worldwide in drugstores and some department stores but also, online. 

i'm off to have a rest as i've been revising like crazy and am exhausted and also, yet again hahah, injured.. i've done something to my left foot and from what i've seen online, it could be peroneal tendonitis. uh oh :/ gotta get it checked out! i will be officially done with exams and thus high school in 2 weeks and i cannot wait! these havent exactly been the best years of my life considering what has happened but eh, i'm a very positive person and have grown very strong thanks to some of the unforunate things that have gone on. onwards and upwards! uni is going to be wonderful! :D 


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Please do a blog post on 'what's in your bag' or do an updated version on your youtube channel! Would love to see it x